In July 2021 I heard news that The Ruskin Museum were to hold a model boat regatta on 24th July 2021 on the shore of Coniston Water.  This seemed like a perfect opportunity to exhibit my boat and also to meet some other likeminded people. I paid my entry fee to the museum and planned my trip.

Here are the pictures from the Regatta.

This was a great event and I met many very interesting people, including Gina Campbell, daughter of Donald who can be seen in a number of the pictures with the actual Mr Whoppit.

Unfortunatley The Ruskin Museum had not managed to get a speed exemption from the LDPA so the mandatory 10mph speed limit was in place for Coniston Water, so I decided that along with this and the substantial number of swimmers in the lake I would not run on water at all.  I also did a number of static runs on the side of the lake.

Here is a video taken at the event filmed by Anthony Stuchbury.

During the event I also met and had a long chat with David Aldred, who is currently making a full-size jet hydroplane in his workshop in the northwest of England.  You can read about his progress on the project website Jet Hydroplane UK.

After the Model Boat Regatta, I decided to make some improvement and additional modifications to my model.