2021 Modifications

After returning from the model boat regatta in Coniston this gave me newfound enthusiasm to improve my model further and enhance its appearance to improve realism and accuracy.

Firstly, I created the data plaque that was attached to the back with data about Bluebird K7

Front guide wheel for the canopy, release handle for the top of the canopy and aerial mount were 3d printed.

Covers for rear of jet engine and air intakes were also needed.

In the event of any problems of water ingress I decided it would be prudent to fill the sponsons with closed cell expanding foam.  This should ensure that in the event of a catastrophic incident Bluebird should remain afloat.

I also started a new build of a scale mode of the cradle which had been used to transport Bluebird K7.

I started fabrication using aluminium strips, angles, and box section.

The project was then put on hold until early 2023.

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